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Let's make real estate investing simpler.

With the amount of resources available in today's world, there's no reason someone can't obtain all the knowledge and tools they need to become a successful real estate investor. The only problem is...where do you start?

This was the question that our owner and founder, Tony Goodwin, spent a lot of time focusing on as he began his own journey into real estate investing. He found more than enough knowledge to get started, but the barriers to entry he continued to run into over and over seemed to get higher and higher.

There had to be a better way to begin investing without the every man for himself mentality.

Thanks to a couple of thoughtful investors who were willing to share from their wealth of knowledge and enter into a partnership with him on a deal, the ball got rolling and it finally felt like the barrier was knocked down. But did it really need to be that hard?

Pittsburgh Invest was formed in 2020 to be an evolving resource for both new and experienced investors to limit the barriers they encounter when it comes to earning money through real estate. Whether it's finding the next deal to flip or keep as a rental or it's a wholesaler who needs to find a buyer for his/her contract, Pittsburgh Invest is a place where everyone can come together to achieve success.

Why continue to search so hard to find the good off market deals in Pittsburgh when you can simply come to one place and take your pick?



Quality first: We will always seek to raise the bar for our customers in the quality of deals we present.

Integrity over sale: Who we are is more important than what we do. You can expect every interaction with us to be filled with the highest levels of honesty and respect.

Pursue excellence: We will never be perfect, but we consistently work to improve ourselves in the pursuit of excellence in our craft.

Always be learning: Our knowledge of the industry is only as good as the people we work with. We strive to learn more from every single interaction with a customer because we believe there’s always room to grow.

Giving back: We exist to serve others, and that includes with our financial resources. 10% of our gross revenue is poured back into the community through local partnerships helping to fight homelessness.

What Others Have to Say About Us

Tony is a true gentleman. I've interacted with Tony at a professional capacity and now on a personal level. He is a genuine professional. His attention to detail, digging deep, educating himself to be excellent at whatever he is doing, is why he has become successful in his professional career and his personal life. When you are working with Tony, you are in good hands.

Nathan P.

Good Neighbor Properties

I recently went through a real estate transaction with both Tony and Kaitlin and from start to finish they were courteous and kind in addition to a high level of professionalism. Tony was detail orientated and organized throughout the entire transaction which made the experience seamless for all parties. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and his wife in this transaction and feel I not only made lifelong business connections but also two friends! I highly recommend doing with business with them if given the opportunity.

Jaime B.

Lifespace Pittsburgh

The Team

Tony Goodwin

Owner and Founder

Tony is also the owner and founder of the GREtalents Property Group where he operates all of his personal real estate investments. He is responsible for all operational functions within Pittsburgh Invest.

Kaitlin Flynn Goodwin

Marketing Director

While also serving as the founder and director of the Pittsburgh based dance company, Courdance, as well as being Tony's better half, Kaitlin leads the charge with all marketing efforts to build brand awareness.

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